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Strong Arguments

Two heavy points of view, one loaded conversation. Angelo Gala and Mike Davidov discuss the latest fitness trends, fads, myths and diets to help you navigate the confusing landscape. Then the greatest experts of our time weigh in and take the conversation up a notch! 

Apr 25, 2017

Logan is a multifaceted thinker, writer, trainer, strongman, hypnotist, herb specialist and more. He has performed feats like pulling an old firetruck with his ponytail, juggling flaming kettlebells, a 1000 lb neck bridge and more. You can see all his videos on youtube, or his website Legendary Strength. He also runs a herb suppliment company called Lost Empire Herbs. From pre-workout to sex enhancement, there's so many things to try. We talk about some of his current goals, writings, business habits, rituals and mental training techniques that you can use immediately. Great guy, great talk. Enjoy!