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Strong Arguments

Two heavy points of view, one loaded conversation. Angelo Gala and Mike Davidov discuss the latest fitness trends, fads, myths and diets to help you navigate the confusing landscape. Then the greatest experts of our time weigh in and take the conversation up a notch! 

Aug 12, 2017

Alongside his brother Al, the Kavadlos are taking their brand of bodyweight training on the road. Developed over years of hard work in New York's Tompkins Square Park, Danny forged a style that brings people out n droves everywhere he goes. The style is dynamic, exciting to watch, and most importantly, incredibly effective at transforming your own body. Their collaboration with the mysterious and powerful Coach Paul Wade gave birth to the PCC, Dragon Door's latest offering in world class workshops. If you haven't read any of his books, treat yourself to a fitness book that offers up a little more than expected. The new book Get Strong is a collaboration with the brothers and is out now. He was more fun to talk to than we had imagined and this interview is full of great thoughts and insights that you should carry with you on your personal strength journey. Enjoy