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Strong Arguments

Two heavy points of view, one loaded conversation. Angelo Gala and Mike Davidov discuss the latest fitness trends, fads, myths and diets to help you navigate the confusing landscape. Then the greatest experts of our time weigh in and take the conversation up a notch! 

Mar 28, 2017

Coach Tara is living and teaching fitness classes in Glendale California. In my search to find great content to draw inspiration from, I discovered Tara and her partner in exercise, Zen Kahuna. Their videos evoked in me a sense of connection to the outdoors and to natural movement. Her background was in dance and gymnastics, but her path led her to using a diverse array of implements and body movements that lead to a healthy body and mind. Her teaching style is extremely deep and unique, and I think everyone who trains can benefit from some of the concepts that we talk about in our interview.